The scope of EMedIC Global includes:

  • Health screening & diagnostic devices
  • Medical monitoring & life-maintenance devices
  • Therapeutic & surgical devices
  • Rehabilitative & assistive devices

Special Category

While EMedIC Global covers all areas of medical & healthcare devices, a special category of awards will be made to winning submissions on medical devices that address the grand challenges of global health in low resource settings. Interested participants may refer to the following websites to learn more of these grand challenges.


20 April 2018
Finalist Teams

20 April 2018
Observer Teams

07 Mar 2018
Extension of Submission Deadline

15 Nov 2017
Webpage released

Important Dates

01 Jan 2018
Starting submission

12 Mar 2018
Submission Deadline of Application form

15 Mar 2018
Submission Deadline of Video and Poster

16 Aug 2018
On-Site Registration & Orientation of Finalist Teams

17 Aug 2018
On-Site Presentations of Finalist Teams

18 Aug 2018
Awards Presentation & EMEDI SUMMIT


Programme Run-Down will be announced in July 2018

Co-sponsoring & Endorsing Organizations