Prof. DINH Ngoc Duy
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, CUHK

Area of Expertise: Microfluidics, Organs-on-Chips, 3D Bioprinting and Hydrogel Microparticles
Tel: 3943 5165
Location: ERB1110

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Dr. Dinh hold a research assistant professor at Department of Biomedical Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Hong Kong. Before that he did a postdoctoral research under Prof. Tuomas Knowles at Center for Misfolding Diseases, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, UK. In Cambridge, he earned experience using microfluidics for studying neurodegenerative diseases. Also, his research is covered in using droplet microfluidic to fabricate plant protein microcapsules with a wide range of applications for drug delivery, personal care, cosmetics, and food. He earned entrepreneurship knowledge from Cambridge Enterprise, and he is a consultant of Xampla, a spin-out from the lab for commercializing plant protein material microcapsule. He got his Ph.D degree from Department of Biomedical Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore under Prof. Chen Chia-Hung. During his Ph.D., he invented a novel NIR laser 3D bioprinting for constructing tissues or organs. Before his Ph.D., he worked on Brain-on- Chip at ISAS, Germany. His works were published in prestigious journals Small, Nature Communications, Lab-on-a-Chip, and Advanced Functional Materials. He was invited to give the Keynote Speech and guest dialogue in Organ-on-Chip at International MicroNanoConference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2018.

Professional Education and Training

Postdoctoral Research Associate
University of Cambridge (UK), Center for Misfolding Diseases

Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Research Interest

Microfluidics, Organs-on-Chips, 3D Bioprinting and Hydrogel Microparticles

Selected Publications

Ngoc-Duy Dinh, Chia-Hung Chen, et al ''Functional reservoir microcapsules generated via microfluidic fabrication for long-term cardiovascular therapeutics'' Lab Chip, 2020

Liangliang Liang, Daniel Teh, Ngoc-Duy Dinh, Chia-Hung Chen, Nitish Thakor, Angelo All, and Xiaogang Liu ''Upconversion Amplification through Dielectric Superlensing Modulation'' Nature Communications, 2019

H.L. Tan, S. Guo, N-D. Dinh, J. Lin, R.C. Luo and C. H. Chen '' Heterogeneous multi-compartmental hydrogel particles as synthetic cells for incompatible tandem reactions '', Nature Communications, 2017

N-D. Dinh, R.C Luo, M. Christine, W. L. Nicholas, James. C. H. Goh and C.H Chen '' Tissue Engineering: Effective Light Directed Assembly of Building Blocks with Microscale Control '', Small, 2017

R. Luo, J. Wu, N-D. Dinh, and C. H. Chen ''Gradient Porous Elastic Hydrogels with Shape-memory Property and Anisotropic Responses for Programmable Locomotion'' Advanced Functional Materials, 2015

Dinh, N.-D., Chiang, Y.-Y., Hardelauf, H., Baumann, J., Jackson, E., Waide, S., Sisnaiske, J.,Frimat, J.-P., van Thriel, C., Janasek, D., Peyrin, J.-M. and West, J ‘‘Microfluidic construction of minimalistic neuronal co-cultures ’’ Lab Chip, 2013