EMedic Global

EMedic Global is a global challenge in which teams of student members, advised by a faculty member, designed and developed a clinically-driven and client-centered engineering innovation. The competition is to promote clinically-driven and patient-centered technology innovations for the future of medicine & healthcare. The first EMedic Global is being launched in 2016 by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).


Participants must compete as part of a team. Teams are comprised of up to 10 undergraduate and graduate student members but each team should have at least half of its members being undergraduates. All team members must be full-time undergraduate student or graduate student at their respective institution to register and compete in the competition. Universities and Colleges can have multiple teams. Each team must have a faculty advisor.

Projects may be based on work performed as part of the capstone design course or a team project performed by undergraduate students at any level. However, the submitted projects must address the broad definition of “design” as stated above. Interdisciplinary teams with members from various engineering, science and other disciplines are encouraged to submit their entries.

Team Registration

Team registration opens between 1 October 2015 and 29 February 2016.


Teams should submit a 5-min video and a poster electronically through the EMedic Global 2016 website. Instructions on submission will be provided to teams after registration.


[Scoring Rubrics]

Submissions will be screened by an international judging panel to select the finalist teams. Around 12-15 teams will be invited to Hong Kong for on-site competition and award presentation. At the EMedic Global competition in Hong Kong, the finalists will be judged on the quality of their poster presentation and device demonstration. A judging panel consists of faculty members, clinical practitioners, and industry representatives, who have no conflicts of interest with respect to participants in the competition.

Support from CUHK

During the contest, CUHK will provide on-campus dormitory-type accommodation for up to 4 contestants plus 1 faculty advisor living at Hyatt Shatin for each finalist team. It is expected that the finalist teams would raise their own funding for international travels.


  • Up to 1 Gold Award(USD2K), 2 Silver Awards(USD1.5K each), and 3 Bronze Awards(USD1K each) (top scores based on all the 6 criteria in the scoring rubrics)
  • Most Innovative Award(USD1K) (Highest score in the novelty part in the scoring rubrics)
  • Technical Challenge Award(USD1K) (Highest score in the technical merit and demonstration of technical feasibility parts in the scoring rubrics)
  • Best Presentation Award(USD1K) (Best performance based on on-site presentations)
  • Merit certificates (finalists with satisfactory performances based on all the 6 criteria in the scoring rubrics)


21 Aug Lee Woo Sing check-out time is 09:00-12:00

18 Aug 15:00-19:50 Mini-Theatre is open

Booklet is uploaded at DOWNLOADS AREA

Programme schedule is finalized and updated

Announcement of finalists has been sent via email

Non-Hongkong finalists can apply
for travel subsidy up to USD1,000 per team, depending on the location of their university

Team Registration starts
1 October 2015

Important Dates

21 August 2016
EMedI Summit Thematic Sessions
20 August 2016
Awards ceremony
19 August 2016
Full-day contest
18 August 2016
Evening reception
30 April 2016
Acceptance of joining the final competition in Hong Kong
5 April 2016
Announcement of finalists via email
29 February 2016, 11:59pm EST
Submission deadline *




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